Best of David Boles, Blogs: Vol. 7 (2016)
by David Boles and Janna Sweenie

With this seventh volume of "David Boles, Blogs" we continue to appreciate your involvement and interest across more than 12 years of blogging and across more than 22 years of writing along the internet! This "Best of..." series of books is our way of connecting with you, and involving you, in the ongoing propagation of morality into the universe! By purchasing this book, and other volumes in this series, you are assisting us in continuing our ongoing publication mandate to preserve morality in virtuality -- by helping us cover our bandwidth and server costs! We have never accepted a penny's worth of advertising and we never will! Thank you for purchasing Best of David Boles, Blogs: Volume 7 (2016) -- and we'll keep writing as long as you keep reading! Click on the book cover to buy the eBook on Amazon!

This year, you’ll read about Shingles, the 30th anniversary of the David Boles Play “A Stone’s Throw” -- and how to provide right customer service. You’ll also learn about childhood predators, Nebraska Abolitionists -- and you will meet the president-elect “American Gargoyle!” Plus, your eye will find many other investigative articles that will provoke thought into anarchy! And there's even more waiting for your eye!
Best of David Boles Blogs, Vol. 7 (2016)

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