Best of David Boles, Blogs: Vol. 10 (2019)
by David Boles

With this tenth volume of "David Boles, Blogs" we continue to appreciate your care and thought in our blog publication that has been continuously in print since 1996! This "Best of..." series of books is our way of connecting with you, and involving you, in the ongoing mission to replace faith in the worth with humanity and caring. By purchasing this book, and other volumes in this series, you are helping us continue our ongoing publication mandate to preserve morality in virtuality -- by helping us cover our bandwidth and server costs! We have never accepted a penny's worth of advertising, anywhere, for anything we publish, or share, and we never will! Thank you for buying Best of David Boles, Blogs: Volume 10 (2019) -- and we'll keep writing as long as you keep reading! Click on the book cover to buy the eBook on Amazon!

You are purchasing this book to hold in your hand a year's worth of the best, redacted, articles published on; and your support helps us pay the cost of server fees and bandwidth allocation. We never ask you for any donations, or subscriptions costs during the year, but once, one time, this time, each year, we do ask that you support the work we do by purchasing our latest "Best of" edition. Your act in buying our books is an ongoing article of faith we deeply appreciate.

In this year's edition, you will discover the dark side of politics, gender issues of online workout programs, and how we classify grief. There's more than just that here, but those are the introductory promises of moral duty we have kept in 2019; and we shall, with your help, continue to cast even more prayers onto the waters of 2020.
Best of David Boles Blogs, Vol. 10 (2019)

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