Best of David Boles, Blogs: Vol. 12 (2021)
by David Boles

With this twelfth volume of "David Boles, Blogs" we continue to set records in publication and influence in our social justice media mandate. We have been serving that goal in print since 1996! This "Best of..." series of books is our way of supporting the human need to communicate and connect. By buying this fine twelfth volume in the series, you are helping us shine longer into the future. We have never accepted one dollar for advertising on the online blog, and we never will! Thank you for buying Best of David Boles, Blogs: Volume 12 (2021) -- it means a lot to us! Click on the book cover below to buy the eBook on Amazon!

You are purchasing this eBook to support the ongoing online publication of David Boles, Blogs located online at where servers, bandwidth, and images support all have a rising, substantial, cost for production. Thank you! In this year’s volume, you'll discover the world-shattering insurrection that blistered the United States on January 6. You'll learn about Deaf Culture and how Apple tried to borrow language values that did not belong to them. You'll also discover why Merrick Garland was absolutely the wrong person to lead the Department of Justice. Finally, you'll be introduced to – streaming live every weekday at 9am Eastern. Plus, there's a lot more in here for you!
Best of David Boles Blogs, Vol. 12 (2021)

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