Surviving Shingles
A Four-Month Esprit of Agony by David Boles

This is Volume 7 in our "Boles Book for..." learning precis series -- and here's a bite from the first chapter:

Shingles -- aka Herpes Zoster -- is a terrible virus that painfully affects your nerve endings for at least four months, even if you are lucky enough to get the medication and ointment treatments from your doctor. If you've had Chickenpox, the Shingles virus is alive inside you and waiting to strike when you least expect it!

Shingles is devastating to those with AIDS, or those who are over the age of 70, but you can get Shingles at any age. I was smacked with the virus -- on my face! -- in early-middle age, which sounds better than being stricken in the Middle Ages!

If you've never had Chickenpox, and if you then touch someone's active Shingles blisters, you may get Chickenpox! Be wary if you are an adult over 18-years-old, because 50% of the deaths in the USA from Chickenpox every year are adults. If you've had Chickenpox, you can get Shingles by, again, touching the active blisters of someone with Shingles.

First Month
Even if you get the medication and ointment within 3-5 days of the first Shingles blisters appearing, you will still feel the aftereffects -- though not as severely if you hadn't taken the miracle antiviral -- for the next four months.

Yes, Shingles sticks with you, and I'm currently in the waning days of my four-month esprit of agony. I wrote this Boles Book for Surviving Shingles as part of an ongoing effort, in 5,000 words or fewer, to share what I know in this learning precis series. I'm not a doctor. I'm only revealing the details of my personal experience. Take it all as you will! If you have questions about your specific case of Shingles, please ask your physician for help.
Surviving Shingles

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