For Deaf People Only
by Janna Sweenie and David Boles

This is our latest argument for communication and fair human dyads -- For Deaf People Only -- and in this book, you will discover insider advice for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing in America. Written for the Deaf only, this book is still of interest to the Hearing and others who wish to know what the Deaf experience in the USA is really like in 2015 and beyond!

Why for Deaf People Only?

Once Upon a Time, there was a book we read called, “For Hearing People Only” that dealt with matters of the Deaf and communication and Deaf Culture, and the point of the book was to speak directly -- if not harshly -- to Hearing people and the discriminatory way they treated the Deaf in their midst. The book was popular and important and not without its critics. “You hate Hearing people” was a popular online refrain from those who claimed to have read the book -- while also entirely missing the point.

While we enjoyed “For Hearing People Only” -- we always felt the other side of the dyad was missing, “For Deaf People Only” -- and so we have written this book to slake that thirsty need for equality and stamping the other side of the coin. This 20,000 word book takes on some of the most popular, and negative, Deaf memes, and excuses, and ways of knowing -- and we will challenge them all so that the Deaf may be a better fit in a mainstream world than they ever could be alone on their own in a separatist, Deaf, culture.

You do not have to be Deaf to get something out of this book, but if you are Deaf, there are truths here that may be difficult to read and face -- but you’ll feel better in the shared example.

We can only hope “For Deaf People Only” is as good, and as historically important as, “For Hearing People Only” and we cannot wait for our first review accusing Janna of being a self-hating, Deaf institution educated, Deaf woman and David of being a Hearing hater of all Deaf Culture, including his beloved wife, Janna. We’re bringing it, so we fully expect for others to bring it on back to us!


Oh, and a good book of ours to read before you dive into this one, is “Return of the Deaf-Mute: The Lost Legacy of the Greatest American Deaf Generation.” That conversation sets the extended argument that natively leads into the conclusions of this book. Remember, there are great Hearing people who are part of Deaf Culture -- and if you are one of them -- this book isn’t about you, or for you; so please don’t look for excuses to get upset or riled up when that is not our intention with you in particular.


The conversation topics for this book are simple and direct and, yes, we’re dealing base one stereotypes on purpose:

For the Institution
For the Mainstream
For the Infant
For the Deaf
For the Hearing Impaired
For the Oralist
For the Mute
For the Implanted
For the Immigrant
For the Tomorrow
For Deaf People Only

Copyright by David Boles. All rights reserved.