Hardcore ASL Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
by Janna M. Sweenie and David W. Boles

Hardcore ASL Textbook for Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 is the result of 60 shared years of teaching. This book is the pinnacle of our ASL teaching methods. Hardcore ASL is our online teaching and tutoring portal for reaching thousands of students across the world. Our training program is strict and challenging -- but your ultimate success will win the worth of effort. It would take you 3.5 years of semester-by-semester classes at a traditional university to equal what we can teach you in 21 weeks for mastering American Sign Language the Hardcore ASL way!

FacialExpression and HandShapes CONCEPTS IN FacialExpression IN ASL: American Sign Language is a visual language that is loud and clear when you are using Facial-Expressions. Many Hearing people do not "get it" that ASL has visual sound cues. You see in the newspaper and in the media when they write or talk about Deaf people, that they have this narrow minded and stereotypical word they use and that word is: SILENCE. The media are not seeing the real language that ASL is and ASL is not silent at all. When people sign in ASL, they use FacialExpression to show how angry or happy they are. That creates bodily "sound" and fury. The Deaf show that they are asking a question or making a demand and all of that comes from FacialExpression. FacialExpression has a lot of sounds that many people easily overlook because they are only focusing on the signs instead of on the whole picture. In this section, you will learn to develop confident FacialExpression and, as long as you practice and pay attention to what the FacialExpression is saying, you will do really well in forging your Hardcore ASL learning. Don't be shy about looking yourself in the mirror. You do not want to assume that you know what you look like when you practice your signs. Be sure to look at all the FacialExpression videos linked on your syllabus.
Hardcore ASL Textbook Hardcore ASL Textbook

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